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Bazaar of India
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Bazaar of India
Total: 475
Avipattikar Churna Wildcrafted -
Avipattikar Churna Wildcrafted
Useful in acidity, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, and hyperactivity, 1/2 Lb 

Babul Chall bark Powder Wildcrafted -
Babul Chall bark Powder Wildcrafted
Used as a grgle and mouth wash in abnormal cell growth conditions, 1/2 Lb 

Bakuchi seed Powder Wildcrafted -
Bakuchi seed Powder Wildcrafted
Helpful in managing skin discoloration, veiling, baldness, and other conditions, 1/2 Lb 

Bala leaf Powder Wildcrafted -
Bala leaf Powder Wildcrafted
1/2 lb 

Bhumy Amalaki herb Powder Wildcrafted -
Bhumy Amalaki herb Powder Wildcrafted
Used in Brazil for hydropsy, urinary and bladder infections and blockages, liver ailments, painful joints, and other symptoms, 1/2 Lb 

Bibitaki Fruit Powder Wildcrafted -
Bibitaki Fruit Powder Wildcrafted
Use in areas ranging from rejuvenating, astringent, cardioprotective, antacid & antibacterial properties, 1/2 Lb 

Bilwa Fruit Powder Wildcrafted -
Bilwa Fruit Powder Wildcrafted
Used as a medicine to cure a number of diseases in India, 1/2 Lb 

Boswellia herb Powder -
Boswellia herb Powder
Effective against most types of induced arthritis as most prescription medication, 1/2 Lb 

Brahmi herb Powder Wildcrafted -
Brahmi herb Powder Wildcrafted
Nutritionally supports concentration, clarity and memory, 1/2 Lb 

Bringraj leaf Powder Wildcrafted -
Bringraj leaf Powder Wildcrafted
It is believed to prevent aging, maintains and rejuvenates hair, teeth, bones, memory, sight, and hearing, 1/2 Lb 

Chairata herb Powder WC
This herb is a bitter tonic, stomachic, also useful in liver disorders, eyes, and heart, 1/2 Lb 

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Dashmoola Powder Wildcrafted -
Dashmoola Powder Wildcrafted
Excellent against influenza, cough, cold, neuralgia, and headaches, 1/2 Lb 

Dashmoola Cut and Sifted Wildcrafted -
Dashmoola Cut and Sifted Wildcrafted
Excellent against influenza, cough, cold, neuralgia, and headaches, 1/2 Lb 

Erand herb Powder WC
The oil is used externally to relieve various inflammatory conditions of the skin and mucus membrane, 1/2 lb 

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Gokshura Fruit Powder Wildcrafted -
Gokshura Fruit Powder Wildcrafted
The Chinese used this for a variety of liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases, 1/2 lb 

Gotu Kola leaf Powder -
Gotu Kola leaf Powder
Gotu kola is one of the chief herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells and is said to fortify the immune system, 1/2 lb 

Guggulu herb Powder Wildcrafted -
Guggulu herb Powder Wildcrafted
Effective for arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes, fevers, weight loss, PMS, stress, and ulcers, 1/2 lb 

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Haritaki Fruit Powder Wildcrafted -
Haritaki Fruit Powder Wildcrafted
Used in cough conditions, asthma, abdominal distention, heart disease, skin disease, and itching, 1/2 lb 

Harsingar Flowers Fruit Cut & Sifted Wildcrafted
Good for abdominal discomfort, constipation, jaundice, malaria, abnormal cell growth, fever, and rheumatism, 1/2 lb 

Hingwastika Wildcrafted -
Hingwastika Wildcrafted
Good for digestion, nervous disorders, pneumonia, and bronchitis, 1/2 lb 

Jatamansi herb Powder Wildcrafted -
Jatamansi herb Powder Wildcrafted
Traditionally used in India for relaxing mental stimulation, promoting sleep and calming the mind, 1/2 lb 

Kachnar herb Wildcrafted -
Kachnar herb Wildcrafted
Can be used as a grgle for sore throats, as a paste for skin diseases, or internally for diarrhea, 1/2 lb 

Kachnar Guggulu Powder WC -
Kachnar Guggulu Powder WC
1/2 lb 

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Kaishore Guggulu Powder Wildcrafted -
Kaishore Guggulu Powder Wildcrafted
Good for joints, muscles, arthritis, regulates metabolism, 1/2 lb 

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Kama Duda Powder WC
Commonly used for fevers and cough, 1/2 lb 

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Ashwagandha -
Withania somnifera, 100 vegicaps 

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Avipattikar Churna -
Avipattikar Churna
100 vegicaps 

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Babul Chall -
Babul Chall
Acacia arabica, 100 vegicaps 

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Bakuchi -
Cyamopsis psoralioides, 100 vegicaps 

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Bala -
Sida cordifolia, 100 vegicaps 

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Total: 475

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