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Radiance - 2 oz

Radiance -

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2 oz

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Radiance - 2 oz

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We have found a new topical cream that contains very impressive skin restoration extracts never before seen on the American market.

The most abundant agents in this new cream are pineapple and papaya extracts, which produce a fruit acid cell renewal effect and youthful color tone. Unlike some hydroxyl fruit acid products that stimulate excessive replication of skin cells, these pineapple and papaya enzymes are contained in the ideal concentration to gently remove dead surface skin cells leaving a soft, smooth, moist skin texture. The Polynesians use these enzymes to maintain youthful looking skin despite year-long exposure to the tropical sun.

The most scientifically documented agent in this new cream is natural progesterone which has been shown to possess antiaging properties throughout the body. Topically applied natural progesterone can minimize lines and provide underlying firmness to aging skin.

The expensive French herbal complex EGX 251, which possesses high moisturizing activity, is contained in this cream. In addition to its moisturizing effect, the flavonoids, phenols and amino acids in this patented European cream produces new biosynthesis of collagen and elastin and heals connective tissue damage. This maintains the underlying skin tissues producing visible difference in the elastic fiber content of the skin.

Antioxidant vitamins and acemannan are added to minimize the free radical damage that causes much of the destructive processes involved in skin aging.

This cream is called Radiance Skin Restorer Cream with natural progesterone and is produced by Prima Facie, Ltd. -a company with over 20 years experience as the leader in natural transdermal herbal therapy.

Use as needed.


Radiance - 2 oz

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel, Jojoba Oil, Pineapple-Papaya-Nasturtium Extracts, Stearic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, Carbopol, Oleyol Alcohol, Wheat Germ Oil, Panthenol, pineapple Oil, Collagen protein, Phytohyaluronate, Sorbic Acid, Extracts of Horsetail, Hedera Ivy, Ladies Mantle, Milk Thistle, Dermascreen (sun block), Mulberry Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, CoEnzyme Q10, Vitamins A/D3, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Pinacolada.

Radiance - 2 oz

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

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Radiance - 2 oz

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.


Radiance - 2 oz

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

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