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NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

NSC-100 10mg -

30 caps

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NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

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The extra strength microparticulate MG Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan in NSC-100™ nutritionally delivers maximum potency and superior potentiation of the immune system. The result is faster response and effectiveness in nutritionally enabling the body to fight back to good health when compromised or hyper (allergies).

An October 2002 peer-reviewed article in "Letters in Applied Microbiology" concludes nonaggregated microparticulate beta glucan (MG glucan) in 10 mg doses has "superior immune potentiation characteristics."

MG Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan extracted from yeast cell wall by a U.S. Patented process (6,476,003) with no harmful yeast proteins, is a proven and safe natural immune response potentiator based on extensive scientific research.

The MG Beta Glucan in NSC-100™ is micronized to an extremely small microparticulate particle size and processed to assure non-aggregation, to provide greater ingestion and nutritional immune potentiation by the macrophages. The macrophages are the primary white immune cells that fight health invaders such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Beta Glucan is proven to nutritionally empower the immune response to nutritionally fight back against the negative effects of radiation and free radical damage to our arteries, skin and cells. The MG Beta Glucan in NSC-100™ also is a powerful “adjuvant,” or substance that makes other formulations, including antibiotics, more effective in smaller doses when ingested together (www.betaglucan.org has research under the "adjuvant" category). And now NSC-100 IMMUNITION contains a potent

and natural prebiotic, Inulin - instead of less effective substances.

The MG Beta Glucan in NSC-100™ has enhanced antioxidant properties, but no anti-oxidant negatives, in 10mg capsules. Extremely large dosages are not necessary for this incredible product that nutritionally supports well-being and a quality as well as extended life by potentiating the immune response to successfully fight back against the assault of ill-health invaders on our systems. When maximum strength Beta Glucan is needed, NSC-100 Immunition™ is the answer.

The Scientific Truth is conclusive in current U.S. Medical School Research included in the U.S. Patent 6,476,003 evaluating MG Beta Glucan and inferior competitor glucans,

"The data demonstrates a factor of two increase in the production of NO [Nitric Oxide] from comparison of the untreated glucan [competitor glucans] to the treated glucan [MG Beta Glucan]; from 275 .mu.M to 600 .mu.M.

the measurement of NO [Nitric Oxide] production is indicative of an oxidative burst that kills and/or destroys the ingested microbes and/or particles [bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, toxins] by the macrophage. ... The greater generation and/or production of NO demonstrates the enhanced activity of the macrophage with a small particle size glucan which is indicative of an activity level of an immune system."

A major determinant of the activity level of the immune system generated by a given beta glucan is production enhancement of nitric oxide - Not weight or volume in a capsule. Based on this peer-reviewed and scientifically accepted standard of measurement of immune potentiation capabilities, NSC IMMUNITION MG Glucan is superior to all competitors - in fact more than twice as potent.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1 time daily.


NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: One hard gelatin capsule
Serving Per Container: 30 or 60 (The data is based on a 30 Servings per Container basis)
Amount per serving
MG Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan 10 mg **
Other ingredients: Potentiates immune response through the macrophage immune cells and in turn the T, B and NK cells. Minimizes negatives from chemotherapy and radiation, promotes free radical scavenging and ingestion and disposal of toxic microbes, promotes cholesterol control, promotes wound recovery and aids immune response in promoting killing of tumors and pathogens
**Daily Value not yet established.


NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

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NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

Enhanced 10 mg Nutritional Potentiation and Modulation of the Immune Response
Nutritionally Minimize Negatives from Radiation and Chemotherapy
promots Free Radical Scavenging and Phagocytosis (ingestion and disposal) of toxic microbes
Nutritionally promotes immune response enhancement essential to wound healing
Nutritionally contributes to lowering of dangerous Cholesterol levels
U.S. Patented Process (6,476,003) unique to MG Glucan in NSC-100 Immunition


NSC-100 10mg - 30 caps, (Nutritional Supply Corporation)

Free Gift For Order Over $50. Check out our gift selection.

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