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Lohankuo Zhi-Ke-Lu is a well-known herbal syrup for the health of the lungs and throat.
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Supports the health of the respiratory system and the general well-being of the body.
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Sang Ye - Morus Folium, 100 gm.
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Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan supports the health of the respiratory and immune systems.
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Mai Wei Di Huang Wan
Mai Wei Di Huang Wan
200 pills, (Solstice) 


Pi Pa Ye
Pi Pa Ye
Eriobotrya Folium, 100 grams, (MinTong) 


Jing Jie
Jing Jie
Schizonepeta Herba, 100 grams, (MinTong) 


Jen Shen Lu Yung Wan
Jen Shen Lu Yung Wan
Panax Ginseng & Sika Deer Antler Extract, 120 pills, (Solstice) 


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